Jill and Joe Maisonneuve

Buying a home and especially your “forever home” is a very stressful event in ones life. I wanted a Realtor I could relate to and that he could relate to us. Johnny answered an inquiry on line and folks, the stars all lined up that day because he was and is AWESOME ! We were set on a specific area, and when the home we wanted finally crossed our path, we were so happy. Then the fun began with negotiations. I cannot not tell you how stressed we were but Johnny took the lead and helped us through it and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be in my Forever Home if it wasn’t for him. He just has a way of making you feel so calm. He’s down to earth, and very talented and competent. More importantly, he has become our friend. He has a beautiful heart and a beautiful family. Thank you Johnny for all that you have done for us.