How to Buy a Home


It really is simple.

  1. 216CimmaronHills3You have to have credit. We do work with lenders that can help you get a loan, even if your credit is below par.
  2. Talk to Realtor/ a.k.a. The John Duke Team.
  3. Get Pre-Approved for a loan (this shows you how much home you can afford to buy).
  4. Get your down payment money in order. How much you need to put down is going to depend on many factors. That’s why you need to talk to a GREAT lender!
  5. Some builders will pay closing costs!! (aka Free Money!!!)
  6. Look at homes and write up an offer (that becomes a contract).
  7. You’ll go into the “option period” (which means that you have 7-10 days to terminate the contract for any reason).
  8. Hire an inspector to inspect the home.
  9. Negotiate a possible price reduction if there are any issues that need to be fixed.
  10. Home is appraised.
  11. Final lending is approved.
  12. Close on the home.
  13. Move in!!!!

This is basically the buying process (in a nutshell). Not every transaction is the same, but these are the general steps. If you’re buying with cash, then some of these steps won’t even apply.

Need help? That’s what we do and why we’re here to help you. Contact The John Duke Team at or call 512-228-2886 (for Johnny) or 512-228-4552 (for Meredith).


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